Hit Skrewface - Hitsville Usa, Vol. 3 [iTunes]


01. Do My Thang
02. Trill N***a (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
03. Break'em Off
04. Get It Crackin (feat. Lil Kappy)
05. The Purge
06. Catch a Body (feat. G Wiz & Gi Fleezy)
07. Premadonna
08. I Ain't Ask (Remix) [feat. Sun]
09. La La La
10. Wit a Dope Boy (feat. The Committee)
11. Give It to Me (feat. S Park)
12. Would U Still (feat. Wayne Blazed)
13. Trick Ass Hoes (feat. Ricky Harris, Kris Carter & Joey Rocks)
14. Thot (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
15. Colossal
16. Class Is in Session (feat. Gi Fleezy & H Trae)
17. U Ain't Bout That Life
18. Respect It or Check It (feat. G Wiz & Ovadose)
19. Dope Man (feat. Young Platt)
20. Grippin Grain (feat. Freddie Gibbs, G Wiz & Gi Fleezy)