Heavy D - The Over Weight Lover

01.The Overweight Lover's In The House
02.Mr. Big Stuff (Remix)
03.Nuttin' But Love
04.Black Coffee
05.You Can Get It
06.Let's Get It On
08.Don't Be Afraid
09.Overweight Lover
10.Rock The Bass
11.Girls They Love Me
12.Something Going On
13.Big Daddy (Remix)
14.On The Dance Floor
15.This Is Your Night
16.Somebody For Me
17.Is It Good To You
18.Dont Curse
19.I Want Her
20.Now That We Found Love
21.We Got Our Own Thang
23.Money Earnin Mt Vernon
24.Blue Funk
25.Jam Session
26.Love Sexy
27.Check It Out
28.Got Me Waiting
29.I Miss You
30.Big Daddy
31.Keep It Comin'
32.Don't Stop
33.Long Distance Girlfriend
34.Dancin' In The Night
36.Yes Ya'll
37.Queen Majesty
38.Girl Here's My Number
39.Take Your Time
40.Dont You Know


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