Frenchie - Concrete Jungle

01.Frenchie - Concrete Jungle
02.Frenchie ft. Sony - Fully Armored
03.Hater Skit
04.Frenchie - Doubt Me
05.Frenchie ft. Sony, Zoeballa : Chipzru - Heaven And Hell
06.Frenchie - My City
07.Hater Skit
08.Frenchie ft. Zoeballa, Greedy, Essence - MDE Freestyle
09.Frenchie ft. Zoeballa : Sony - Out Of Time
10.Frenchie ft. Sony, Waka, Joffy, Desi - Monster
11.Frenchie ft. Zoeballa - 3D
12.Frenchie ft. John Depp, Barkery Brad - Grind Hard
13.Frenchie ft. Juicy J - Working Chick
15.Frenchie ft. Zoeballa, Greedy - Money Too
16.Frenchie - Ayo
17.Frenchie ft. Bakery Brad, DonVee - Play No Games
18.Frenchie ft. Sony, Bakery Brad - Bananas



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