Canibus - Lyrical Law LP - 3CD




Lyrical Law


1. Lyrical Law Intro
2. Lyrical Noir
3. The Art Of Yo
4. The Emerald Cypher
5. The Golden Cypher
6. The Cypher Of Agartha
7. Cypher Of Steel
8. Cypher of Five Mics
9. The Cypher of Bread & Butter
10.Bis & Sun Ruck & Rock
11.The Ghost Of Hip-Hop’s Past
12.Cypher With Self
13.Rip vs. Poet Laureate


1. Money (feat. Classic Pak)
2. Brainwash Reversal Remix
3. Emergency Broadcast (feat. Mark Deez)
4. Dbd Remix
5. We Go Hard (feat. Classic Pak)
6. Lyrical Law Remix (feat. The 7 D)
7. The Spitboss Cypher (feat. Mark Deez, Passion, Presto, Damo, Legendary, Mark Deez)
8. MM Remix
9. Dread Alert Part II (feat. Passion, Shi 360, Damo & Lms)
10. The Emerald Cypher (Extended) (feat. Killah Priest, Flawless The Mc, Born Sun)
11. Doj Remix (feat. Flawless The Mc & Lms)
12. Summertime Heat (feat. Classic Pak)
13. Where's The Love (feat. Classic Pak)
14. The Golden Cypher (Extended) (feat. Ras Kass, K Solo & Pilot Rai)
15. Who You Know (feat. Classic Pak)
16. Cypher of Five Mics (Extended) (feat. Chino Xl & Flawless The Mc)
17. Rip Remix

Lyrical Law  (recorded in 1993)


1.Introduction To The Group Home
4.No Doubt
5.Sprite Commercial
6.Literate Lyricists
7.Cypher Dialect Pt One
8.Cypher Dialect Pt Two
9.5 Lines
10.Lyrical Warfare


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