Sizzle - Music To Wake The Death

1. Intro/Blood n Guts
2. Drama
3. Ride featuring Mr. Serv-On
4. Still Hittin’ the Right Spot featuring Scotty T
5. Smokin’ F’n, Drinkin’ Beer
6. Lookin’ for Fame featuring B-Cide
7. Inside your mind, taken control
8. It’s Killin’, It’s Murda featuring Dead Static
9. F the Mainstream
10. Bad Habits featuring Dead Static
11. Wake the Dead featuring Fisty Cuffs
12. I’m what you’ll never be
13. Can’t hold me back
14. This is my life featuring Dead Static
15. My Lord featuring Scotty T
16. Life
17. Forgive my sins featuring Lil’ Witness
18. Pain
19. Lonely Broken Road



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