Trey Songz - Genesis: The Birth Of Songz [Grouprip]


01.The Birth Of Songz                                        [01:21]
02.Trey Songz I Love You                                     [02:17]
03.Most Important                                            [02:39]
04.My Love                                                   [03:18]
05.If It Was Yesterday                                       [03:37]
06.Dopest Chick                                              [03:36]
07.It's About The Game                                       [03:42]
08.You Are To Me                                             [03:06]
09.I Don't Love U                                            [03:29]
10.Ya Never Know                                             [03:44]
11.The Room Interlude                                        [00:59]
12.Ya Da Chick                                               [03:47]
13.You Da Best                                               [03:22]
14.Girl I'm Gone                                             [04:04]
15.From A Woman's Hand                                       [04:23]
16.Far From Gone                                             [02:35]
17.Wendy Chung Interview                                     [01:04]
18.Pimp A Lot                                                [03:25]
19.What Do You Want                                          [03:05]
20.From A Woman's Hand (Remix)                               [02:52]


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