Kurupt - Bacc In Lane

kurupt bacc in lane


01 Intro
02 Six In The Morning
03 Microphone Fiend (ft. KoKane)
04 Ready Fo War (ft. Bigg Foot)
05 Frontline (ft. Eastwood, Roscoe & Crooked I)
06 Against Tha Grain (ft. Eastwood & Tha Pentagon)
07 Death Row Symphony (ft. Eastwood, Gail Gotti & Young Ron)
08 West Coast Fire (ft. Eastwood, Stacy Adams & Keita Roc)
09 Gangsta Shit
10 Riflez (ft. The Riflemen)
11 Bang'n My Hamps
12 I Don't Play Games
13 Boss Me Up (ft. Crooked I, Eastwood & Roscoe)
14 My
15 I Didn't Change
16 I'm Back
17 Make U Dance (ft. Bullet)

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