Tabi Bonney - Postcard From Abroad

tabi bonney postcard from abroad


1.Welcome Everybody (prod by Smiles Davis)
2.Flamingo Souffle (prod by Arsonal)
3.We Can't Fly ft. Aeroplane (prod by Smiles Davis)
4.Happy Home ft Alison Carney (prod by Million $ Mano)
5.Spooning With Success ft The Knife (prod by Smiles Davis)
6.Freaky Cupcake (prod by Prosody)
7.Sunset Blvd ft Phoenix (prod by Smiles Davis)
8.Now's The Time (prod by Devo Springsteen)
9.Garfield Fish Bones (prod by Million $ Mano)
10.Sudan Groove ft Emmanuel Jal (prod by Henrik Schwarz)
11.Where We Gonna Go ft. Lykke Li (prod by Smiles Davis)
12.Love Leaves (prod by Judah)
13.Outside ft. Cults (prod by Smiles Davis)

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