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 Hey everyone, the forums are finally open! I would like to thank you all for the support over the past months because without it, this would never happen. Hope everyone will enjoy the forum as much as I did creating it. Well enough said, let's all get together and make this one of the best rap/hip-hop communities!

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Bun B: Legendary Status Part Two

 AllHipHop.com: You were the cameo king of 2005. Was that your idea, or you just being approached?

Bun B: Nah, people just kept coming. Part of it was Rap hustling and going out doing features for money. Part of it was people reaching out like "Bun I got this project come get on it, it would be a good look." And that's people like Lil’ Jon, and Ludacris and Chingy. The other part of it was like people saying "I know what you trying to do right now what can we do to help?" Add a comment

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Rap GodFathers Community Forum

 With the fast growth of RapGodFathers.com and numerous requests from our users, we've decided to add a Community Forum to the site. We're implanting a vBulletin forum which will be up and running very soon.

Have a nice visit at RapGodFathers.com 

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Gobi Speaks on Rap Icon Tupac Sha

 History and memories come in many facets. Most are familiar with the music and music videos of hip-hop cultures late rap icon Tupac Shakur. Titles like ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’, ‘How Do You Want It’, and the most famous ‘diss’ song ever ‘Hit Em Up’, were made into videos and are enjoyed today as much as when they first came out nearly 10 years ago. Add a comment

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Tony Yayo

ImageIn perhaps the best example yet of the G-Unit crew's marketing genius, the group's fourth member became a household name with only a couple of big-label cameos to his credit. Tony Yayo was imprisoned on weapons charges while 50 Cent's posse became stars during the summer of 2003. But it never hurts to have Eminem wearing your name on a T-shirt at the Grammys and demanding your freedom, and that bit of name-branding paved the way nicely for Yayo's solo career. Add a comment

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